About Our Senior Management Team

Our Senior Management team is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to ensuring our hospital is viable for years to come.

From left, our Senior Management Team consists of:

Bonnie Ploeger, Vice President of Inpatient Services

  • Oversees Med Surg, Special Care, Obstetrics, Pharmacy, Home Care, Hospice, Social Services and Quality Services

Tim Putnam, President

Nancy Marticke, Vice President of Outpatient Services

  • Oversees Emergency Services, Radiology, Lab, Cardiopulmonary, Surgery, Rehab and Oncology

Julie Keene, Vice President of Physician Services

  • Oversees Physician Offices, Outpatient Clinic and Recruitment

Kim Inscho, Vice President of Community Relations/Human Resources

  • Oversees Health Foundation, Human Resources, Community Relations, Community Health, Occupational Health, Nutrition Services, Housekeeping and Laundry

Brian Daeger, Vice President of Financial Services

  • Oversees Finance, Business Office, Materials Management, Medical Records, Maintenance and Information Systems