Surviving a Heart Attack

In the fall of 2013, Tom Glaser of Batesville was out for his usual run when he started experiencing numbness in his arms and suddenly collapsed on the ground. Fortunately, he was able to regain enough strength to make it to a nearby home and call his wife, Susan. Within minutes, Susan arrived and rushed Tom to Margaret Mary Health’s Emergency Services Department where he was told he was having a massive heart attack.

“As soon as I arrived, the team went to work,” said Tom. “Dr. (Charles) Webster assessed me quickly and had me stabilized and on my way to Christ within 20 minutes. The communication between hospitals was phenomenal. When I arrived at Christ, a surgical team was waiting for me and had me on the operating table within minutes.”

While at Christ, Tom underwent angioplasty and two stents were inserted. Today, he is down more than 20 pounds and back to pounding the pavement.

“I feel great,” said Tom, “and I’m so grateful to everyone who took care of me that day. My experience was extraordinary. I honestly believe if the team at Margaret Mary hadn’t reacted so quickly, I wouldn’t have the same quality of life I’m living today.”

Stronger Every Day

Years of factory work, combined with arthritis, had taken its toll on Deborah Ogle, 49, of Greensburg. Her left knee caused her so much pain she struggled to make it through the work day, and even walking short distances was difficult. Determined to find relief, Deborah met with orthopaedic surgeon Nicholas Mirkopoulos, MD who recommended she have a total knee replacement.

“I had my knee replacement at Margaret Mary in May,” said Deborah. “Now, I have very little pain and my knee is getting stronger every day. I’ve even been able to chase my grandkids like I used to and get back in my garden this summer.”

'My Family is Worth it!'

Last year, Tiffany Feller, 35, of Sunman grew concerned after noticing several suspicious moles on her skin. She soon scheduled an appointment with general surgeon Brian Albers, MD to have them removed and tested. Although, the results from two of the moles came back as cancerous, the good news was they were found and removed before the cancer had spread. Tiffany, pictured here with her daughter, Piercynn, now believes in the value of wearing sunscreen and receiving regular skin cancer screenings.

“I have always loved the sun,” said Tiffany, “but I’ve realized my family is more important than getting a perfect tan. I think people should know how dangerous the sun can be. I also felt very comfortable with Dr. Albers. He explained to me all the damage the sun does to my skin, and was sure to remove my moles with minimal scarring, which I appreciated.”

At Margaret Mary, we believe preventing dangerous diseases like cancer is just as important as treating them. That’s why we offer screenings for breast, colon, prostate, skin and cervical cancers. Become a fan of MMH on Facebook to receive updates on future screenings.

Down Almost 200 Pounds!

A year ago in August, Bill and Martha Dramann, both 67, decided to sign up for Margaret Mary’s HMR weight management program. With four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, the Batesville couple knew they needed to change their habits if they wanted to live long, active lives. Today the couple is down a combined total of 191 pounds (Bill has lost 136 and Martha has lost 55), and they feel better than they have in years.

“I haven’t been this small since 1966,” said Bill, who serves as Oldenburg’s town marshal. “Before HMR, I was taking pills for my blood pressure and arthritis. I had knee problems and spent a lot of time resting in my chair. Now, I’m off all my medicines, and I ride my bike almost every day. It’s the easiest program I’ve ever done, and it helped that Martha and I did it together. We love the encouragement we get from our family and community. People stop me and ask if I’m losing so much weight because I’m sick. I tell them, ‘No, I joined HMR!’”

HMR is a structured, medically supervised weight management program that uses meal replacements. To learn more, call 812.932.4670.

Back to Work on the Farm

When you’re a farmer, not being able to use your arm poses some serious challenges. Just ask Howard ‘Bud’ Meyer, 77, of Greensburg. Last spring, the daily wear and tear of a lifetime of farming took its toll on Bud’s right shoulder, leaving him in need of rotator cuff repair. After undergoing surgery with Dr. Andrew Islam, Bud soon started therapy at Margaret Mary’s Outpatient Rehab Center.

“After surgery, my shoulder felt better but my arm was still weak,” said Bud. “My therapists, Lori (Yorn) and Karen (Enneking), were always friendly. They pushed me hard but I trusted that they knew what they were doing. Before surgery, I couldn’t raise my arm high enough to get seed in the planter. Now I use it without thinking twice – shoveling corn, running the tractor and lifting buckets of feed.”

A New Bundle of Joy

With dangerously low amniotic fluid, Amber Hofer of Batesville was scheduled to induce her baby boy on Oct. 28, two weeks early. During her delivery, her labor didn’t progress, and Amber was told she needed an emergency C-section. Located within the maternity unit, the C-section suite is equipped to handle an emergency without having to transfer to another part of the hospital.

“I panicked when I heard I was having a C-section,” said Amber. “I’m a planner and the C-section was not planned. My nurse was awesome and helped pull me through. She kept me calm and made sure I was comfortable. Drs. (Thomas) Brown and (Jeffrey) Hatcher were also great. They told me what to expect and kept me informed every step of the way. Hearing Graham cry was the best sound ever because that’s when I knew he was ok. My husband and I look forward to having all of our children at Margaret Mary.”

'Growing' Trust

For more than a decade, Ralph and Leslie Newman of Greensburg have been using Margaret Mary’s Outpatient Clinic for their family’s medical needs. Located on the second floor of the Outpatient and Cancer Center, the clinic brings more than 20 specialized physicians from larger medical centers to Batesville each month.

“Although we appreciate the convenience of seeing many of our doctors in one location, what we like most is the outstanding care we receive,” said Leslie. “Ralph and I both have seen the gastroenterologists who come down from IU Health, and my kids are treated by the allergist. We have absolute trust in the clinic’s physicians and staff and have found them to be knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly.”


Surviving Cancer

When it comes to yearly mammograms, Karen Enzinger, 53, of Batesville doesn’t hesitate to speak of their importance. Last summer, her annual screening helped detect Stage I breast cancer. Following a lumpectomy, she spent the next six months receiving chemo and then radiation therapy at Margaret Mary’s Cancer Center. Now finished with treatment, Karen feels great and is enjoying life as a new grandma to grandson, Easton (pictured).

“As soon as you walk in the cancer center, you’re greeted with a smile,” said Karen. “It’s a fantastic experience. There isn’t just one person who made an impact on me while I was there. Everyone is wonderful. The staff is very nurturing and the doctors are knowledgeable. They were great about answering questions on a level I could understand. A cancer scare has taught me to enjoy every day as it comes and not worry about next week or next year.”

There's No Place Like Home

Making it from the bed to the kitchen table for morning coffee is something most people take for granted. But for retired dentist Robert Rock, of Batesville, it’s a sign of how far he’s come. Last summer, after undergoing a triple bypass at Christ Hospital, Dr. Rock had an adverse reaction to a medication he was taking. Although his heart was on the mend, the medication left his lungs severely damaged. In order to regain his strength while his lungs healed, he began receiving Home Care services from Margaret Mary Health.

“The whole home care staff has been super supportive,” said Dr. Rock. “I appreciate how well they work together and communicate. I was very weak when I came home from the hospital. I could barely stand for even a minute. My physical therapist, Kristina (Frye), has been a great motivator – helping me set small goals and meet them. I’ve gone from staying in bed all day to walking to the kitchen for my meals. The despair is gone. I was so thrilled when I was finally able to walk again.”


Living Well with Diabetes

When he was in his early 50s, Steve Spencer, of Batesville was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. After more than a decade of trying insulin shots and different medications, Steve still didn’t feel like he had his diabetes under control and it was beginning to take its toll. At the suggestion of Dr. Mary Robertson, Steve decided to meet with Margaret Mary’s diabetes team. Thanks to the support and education of his physician and diabetes educators, along with the use of his insulin pump, Steve is much more optimistic about his future.

“Since I’ve been on the pump, my numbers have been consistently better,” said Steve, now 66. “The girls (diabetes educators) were upbeat and supported me every step of the way. I now feel better, have a better outlook on life and have more energy.” And with pastimes like deer hunting, fishing and chasing around his 2-year-old, great-grandson, Ariah (pictured), Steve needs all the energy he can get.