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Break Free of Pelvic Floor Disorders

For far too many women, pelvic floor disorders add unnecessary stress and embarrassment to their lives. Whether caused by genetics, childbirth or age, a weakened pelvic floor can lead to urinary leakage or pain during intercourse.

If you suffer from a pelvic floor disorder, Margaret Mary’s Rehab Center has several therapists on staff who are specially trained in the treatment of urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and significant muscle tightness. While pelvic floor disorders can develop with age, they can also be caused by childbirth, heavy lifting, obesity, sexual trauma and surgery/radiation of the pelvic floor.

Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Several symptoms may suggest you have a pelvic floor disorder. If you answer yes to any of the below questions, talk to your healthcare provider, or give our rehab center a call at 812.934.6199.

  • Do you often have trouble holding your urine, especially when you laugh, sneeze or exercise?
  • Do you need to urinate frequently?
  • Is it painful to urinate?
  • Do you experience unexplained pain in your lower back or pelvic area?
  • Do you ever have pain during intercourse?