Cancer Survivorship

We can help you adjust to life after cancer.

Life after a cancer diagnosis is different for everyone. We can help prepare you for what to expect in the future. As part of our survivorship program, you'll meet with a dietitian and a member of our nursing team. We'll cover everything from your follow-up treatment plan and healthy eating to cancer prevention and warning signs of recurrence. We'll also address emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, body image, relationships and returning to work. Our goal is always to support you through your cancer journey and provide you with the tools to help you live your healthiest life.

Self Care

Eating healthy, being active and achieving a healthy body weight can help lower the risk of cancer returning. That's why we recommend you spend time determining how you can incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your life. Exercise is an important component of building strength and endurance. It decreases pain and fatigue, helps relieve stress and depression and promotes healing. Several local fitness facilities offer trial memberships to our patients. Talk to our cancer team to learn more.

The digestive system is often impacted by cancer treatment. Research shows having a healthy gut microbiome positively affects survival. Our dietitian can give you tips to increase fiber in your diet and eat more foods containing probiotics. Don't try to change your eating habits in one day though. Take it one step at a time.

Active good looking elderly woman smiling and holding dumbbells while working out indoors