If you haven't yet registered for HealthConnect, it's quick and easy! Just bring your photo ID to the hospital's main lobby or the Margaret Mary Physician Center and we'll help you enroll.

The MMH HealthConnect patient portal offers free, confidential, 24-hour access to your personal health record (PHR). This portal provides a convenient and secure way to update and manage your own health information, as well as information for your spouse, children and even aging parents.

By signing up for a HealthConnect account, you can take advantage of these benefits. 

  • Complete your medical history in the convenience of your home and avoid filling out the same forms over and over again in the doctors' offices.
  • Get immediate access to your PHR anywhere, anytime, with your laptop, iPad, smartphone, or other internet-enabled device, even when traveling. You can even activate a 911 Emergency Access Code to give any physician access to your account in an emergency.
  • Receive email notifications when your lab or radiology test results have been automatically and securely delivered to your HealthConnect account
  • Keep an organized record of your children's immunizations, allergies, and medications when registering for school, camp, or daycare.
  • Track your (or a loved one's) progress and monitor chronic conditions. 

Your HealthConnect account lets you control what medical information goes in, what stays out and who it gets shared with. A patient portal improves communication and coordination of care and can reduce medical errors, duplicate tests and unnecessary costs. 

To complete your account setup and ensure your test results are loaded to your portal, you must receive a special access code from the hospital's main lobby desk or one of the following offices. 

  • Brian Albers, MD
  • Jon Geers, MD
  • Kim Kick, MD
  • Gloria Brelage, MD
  • Michelle Biltz, MD
  • Jeff Hatcher, MD
  • Thomas Brown, MD
  • Ed Negovetich, MD
  • Tom DeCilles, MD
  • Charles McGovern, MD
  • Alejandra Rodriguez, MD
  • John Gryspeerdt, MD
  • Stephen Glaser, MD
  • Amy Jelinek, MD
  • Lee Ann Bauer, MD
  • Margaret Mary Wellness Clinic
  • Margaret Mary HMR Clinic
  • Margaret Mary Radiology/Lab

For your privacy, these special access codes can only be given in person. Please bring your ID to the hospital with you. Parents and legal guardians can also get the codes for any children under the age of 18.