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Blood Donation: No More Excuses

We get it – life gets busy and donating blood isn’t exactly a good time, but in an emergency, it can mean the difference between life and death. Read on as we combat common blood donation excuses.

  1. Giving blood hurts. We’ll admit you’ll feel the quick prick of the needle when it’s inserted, but it’s smooth sailing from there. Besides, any discomfort you feel is minor compared to the good you’ll be doing by giving the gift of blood.
  2. I won’t have enough blood left in my body. The average adult has approximately 10 pints of blood, but only 1 pint is given during donation. Slight fatigue is common after you donate, however with plenty of fluids, a good meal and some rest, you’ll be back to your old self soon.
  3. Enough other people donate. Blood centers nationwide typically run into blood shortages at various times throughout the year. It is vitally important to maintain a steady stream of blood donors.
  4. I’m afraid I’ll catch a disease. Donating blood is safer today than it’s ever been. All equipment used in the blood donation process is sterile and used only once.
  5. I’m too busy. If you or a loved one were in need of blood, would you want to hear this excuse? Donating blood takes less than an hour but can help as many as three different people.

At MMH, our next blood drive is Tuesday, January 10. Register now.