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Want to Move More? Start Small.

By: Theresa Fullenkamp, DNP, FNP

A new year has arrived, and if you’re thinking about making a resolution to exercise more, consider making small, gradual changes. Small changes typically lead to better long-term results. Nurse Practitioner Theresa Fullenkamp suggests the following to help keep your fitness resolution on track:

  • Eliminate the all or nothing mindset. Too many people believe they must have 30-60 minutes to exercise or it’s not worthwhile. Moving your body is always beneficial, even if it’s 10 minutes at a time.
  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier. It can be tempting to stay in bed, but that extra time can reap major benefits. Use it to stretch, exercise or plan your day.
  • Make it fun. Listen to an audio book, music or podcast while you walk or ride a bike.
  • Drink. More. Water. Water improves physical performance and increases endurance.
  • Take the stairs. Stair climbing can burn calories, strengthen muscles and break up a sedentary day.
  • Park further away. This trick guarantees more steps every time.
  • Add free weights at home. You don’t need big equipment to tone muscles. Free weights are versatile and inexpensive.
  • Grab a buddy and try a new fitness class, like Zumba or yoga. There are plenty of options locally!
  • Plan it. Make an appointment in your phone or on your calendar for exercise.
  • Utilize local walking trails. In addition to the steps, the fresh air and sunshine can improve your mood.