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Collaborative Design Approach Sets Stage for Enhanced Patient Care in New Hospital

Since announcing the new hospital construction this past summer, MMH has been working diligently on the design process of the new facility. Architectural partner GBBN, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been leading design development of the new hospital with the support of hospital leadership and team members. Following months of work refining the design on paper, construction partner Bruns-Gutzwiller, Inc., based out of Batesville, Ind., brought the designs to life through full-scale mockups of several key clinical spaces.

A full-sized emergency services room, pre-post surgery room, operating room, labor and delivery room and inpatient room were constructed. From mid-December through late January, team members and providers had the opportunity to simulate workflows in these spaces and utilize augmented reality to make real time decisions that will positively impact the design of the new hospital. While not every space for the new hospital was modeled, the rooms constructed were those replicated multiple times throughout the facility and will be most critical to ensuring innovative design planning that meets the future needs of healthcare delivery.

“We are thrilled with how the new hospital construction project is coming together. Throughout the design development phase, we have placed a strong emphasis on team member engagement, ensuring their valuable input and expertise shape the future of our workspace,” shared President and CEO Liz Leising. “By collaborating with our frontline team members and providers, we have created a design that not only enhances workflow efficiency but also fosters the ideal environment of care for our patients. We are confident this state-of-the-art facility will revolutionize healthcare delivery in our community and elevate the patient experience.”

Margaret Mary Health and supporting partners are on target to begin land excavation work this spring, with facility construction to begin mid-summer of 2024.

For a glimpse of the tremendous effort and energy that so many have contributed to this phase of the project, view this video.