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Margaret Mary Health Celebrates COVID-19 Patient Release

In a time full of uncertainty and sadness, it is important we take the opportunity to celebrate our successes. On April 6, 2020 Margaret Mary Health released from our inpatient unit one of our first clinically-diagnosed COVID-19 patients. After a lengthy battle, including time spent on a ventilator, the patient is doing well and moving towards recovery at home.

“It has been such an emotionally trying time for our team members, especially our inpatient nursing staff and providers. Helping a patient pull through and watching them be able to leave our hospital on their way to recovery provides so much reassurance and comfort for our team after several hard weeks,” noted Tim Putnam, President and CEO of Margaret Mary Health. “This was a big win for Margaret Mary and our community. It has helped restore positive energy and hope to the weary as we continue to battle this pandemic.”

If you are experiencing symptoms and need guidance on when to seek medical care, please call the MMH COVID-19 Hotline at 812.933.5556.  For the latest updates, visit us online at

Pictured: The patient’s care team celebrates the release.