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Margaret Mary Health Transitions Home Health Services to Suburban

This May, Margaret Mary Health transitioned its home health services and staff to an organization called Suburban Home Health. As an affiliate of MMH, Suburban Home Health will work as an extension of the hospital to ensure the community continues to have access to dependable home health services.

“As Margaret Mary transitions its home health services to Suburban Home Health, very little will change in terms of the patient experience,” said MMH President and CEO Tim Putnam. “Because many of Margaret Mary’s home health team members have joined the Suburban team, our community can expect to continue receiving the same quality, compassionate care they’ve come to expect over the years.”

Suburban Home Health has been providing care to homebound patients throughout Indiana for more than 30 years. Currently, the organization serves as the home health affiliate for four Indiana hospitals, including MMH, Riverview Health, Witham Health Services and Hancock Health.

Home health care includes any medical or support service provided to allow a person to live safely in the home. These may include help with daily activities, rehabilitation, nursing care and emotional support.

As rules and regulations continue to change regarding federal funding and reimbursement for health care, it’s become increasingly difficult for rural hospitals like MMH to continue to offer home health services.

“Although Margaret Mary’s home health program has always had an excellent reputation for high-quality care, it has struggled financially due to the higher costs of operating as a hospital department,” said Putnam. “As an invested partner of Suburban, Margaret Mary can ensure our communities receive sustainable home health care while still providing the oversight and collaboration necessary for optimal patient outcomes.”

If you have questions about the transition of home health services to Suburban Home Health, call MMH’s Director of Community Health, Geralyn Litzinger at 812.933.5145. To contact Suburban Home Health, call 800.464.6716.