Diabetes Care

If you have diabetes, it’s essential you take good care of yourself.

After all, eating right and exercise are necessary for managing your diabetes successfully. Recognized by the American Diabetes Association, our diabetes program is led by registered nurses and dietitians who are trained in diabetes education. Pictured, our diabetes educators include: Bridgette Horan, RN; Jenny Mehlon, RN; Lori Mauer, RN; Kathy Cooley, RD and Adrienne Found, RD.

Our program offers the following:

  • Individual Consultation/Follow-up
  • BASICS Diabetes Classes
  • Gestational and Pregnancy with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Blood Glucose Meter Services
  • Insulin Forward Classes (see below)


Your referral to make an appointment with our Diabetes Educators may come through your physician, or if you choose to make an appointment on your own, our staff will be happy to assist in the referral process.


Medicare and many insurances will cover the costs for consultations, tests and skills management training. Always check with your insurance carrier on Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Self Management Training coverage. Margaret Mary submits charges to your insurance company. Payment plans can be arranged for those without coverage.

About Insulin Forward Classes

The Insulin Forward classes are for those who are currently using insulin to manage their diabetes and want to learn how to balance carbohydrates and insulin. This class is ideal for those patients who are currently using a basal and mealtime insulin. The class also covers the basics of diabetes, glucose monitoring, nutrition and insulin pumps. There is no fee for the class and a light dinner is provided. For specific dates and times, call (812) 933-5000 or visit our Events page.

For more information, please call our Diabetes Care Line at (812) 933-5000 or email Lori Mauer.