There is nothing more special than bringing a new life into this world, and we are here to help make the moment as perfect as possible.

At Margaret Mary, we take a family-focused approach to maternity services. Our obstetric nurses and support staff are dedicated to providing a healthy and caring environment for you and your baby. 

Concerns or Questions?

During your pregnancy, we understand that questions and concerns often arise after your doctor’s office is closed. If you have concerns about your pregnancy or would like a tour of our OB unit, feel free to call our staff 24/7 by dialing (812) 933-5142.

Prenatal Classes

If it’s education you need, we offer prenatal classes that cover nutrition, massage, labor, delivery, newborn care and breastfeeding. Click here for a list of 2017 Classes or register online by visiting our Events section. All classes are free.


For the safety of our patients, two support people are permitted in the mother’s room during labor. All other visitors may wait in our waiting lounge until after the baby is born. Siblings of the baby are also welcome, however other visitors must be at least 12 years of age.

Mother/Baby Care

During your stay, we suggest mothers keep their babies in their rooms as much as possible. Our staff will show you how to feed, bathe, diaper and care for your infant so you’ll feel comfortable when you return home. Fathers are encouraged to spend the night during your stay, and food trays are available for Dads.

Complimentary Massage

Unique to Margaret Mary’s OB department is our massage program. Mothers delivering at our hospital may receive up to three complimentary massages – one during pregnancy, one during labor and one postpartum, depending on the availability of our certified massage therapist, Carla Stenger. For moms, regular massage can relieve physical symptoms, improve circulation and help with stress. Mothers who are unable to schedule a postpartum massage during their hospital stay may contact Carla upon release to make a later appointment. In addition to providing massages for mom, Carla can give your newborn a massage and even teach you the basics of infant massage. For babies, massage can help with digestion, build muscle tone, improve circulation and help with relaxation. For more information, call (812) 933-3779 or email Carla Stenger.

High Risk Care

If your baby needs extra medical or nursing attention, our Level II Nursery is always ready to maintain the health and security of infants with special care needs. What’s more, we have 24-hour, on-call pediatrician care, and our staff is all neonatal resuscitation certified. Many of our nurses also have additional advanced infant care training. Mothers at special risk for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and preeclampsia can rest assured that MMCH is prepared to provide a safe birthing experience for them, too. In fact, all our nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

LDR and Private Postpartum Suites

We are especially proud of our spacious Labor-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) suites and our private postpartum rooms. Our LDR suites offer high-tech services in a beautiful homelike setting. In these rooms, expectant mothers will complete their labor, deliver their baby and recover before being moved to their own private maternity room for their stay.

Cesarean Births

If your baby is delivered by Cesarean section, you’ll be glad to know we have a dedicated C-section suite located right in the maternity unit. The C-section suite is equipped to handle an emergency without having to transfer to another part of the hospital.

Lactation Counseling

While breastfeeding provides optimal health and benefits for your baby, your choice to breastfeed is just that – your choice. At Margaret Mary, we greatly encourage you to breastfeed and our certified lactation consultants are available for any special questions or needs you may have. To schedule an appointment with a certified lactation consultant, call 812.932.5142 or e-mail Becky Niese.

Infant Security System

Our advanced infant security system will safeguard your baby from possible abduction from our unit. While in the hospital, you and your baby will wear unique security bracelets, giving our staff the ability to instantly match you to your infant. If your baby is taken anywhere near our unit’s exit doors, the alarm system will be activated.

Car Seat Safety

Before your delivery, please make sure you have a properly installed car seat for your baby’s ride home. Margaret Mary is a certified car seat safety checkpoint with certified technicians on staff to assist with proper use and installation of car seats. To schedule a car seat safety check in advance, call (812) 933-5407. Appointments are free and last approximately 30 minutes.

Love Story Photography

Margaret Mary is now contracting with love story for all infant photography. Soon after your baby’s birth, a love story photographer is available to capture the first photos of your newborn in the convenience of your hospital room. To learn more, visit Love Story Photography.

For more information, call (812) 933-5142 or email Debra Gloyd.