Maternity Testimonials

Incredible Beginnings

When Jason and Kerri Meyer decided they were ready to add a second baby to their sweet family, they knew without a doubt where they wanted to deliver. Having given birth to their daughter, Tilly, at Margaret Mary in 2014, the Batesville couple appreciated the personalized attention they received there. In addition to having an incredible experience while in the hospital, they also took advantage of the hospital’s complimentary services, ranging from massage to breastfeeding support. On July 19, 2016, they welcomed their second child, Duke Thomas, into the world.

“Dr. (Thomas) Brown delivered both our babies,” said Kerri. “I always appreciated how upbeat he is while being attentive to my needs. My OB nurses were also amazing. Even after my birth plan changed, they did everything possible to encourage and support me. When each of my babies was born, I remember being overcome with emotion. When I looked around the room, the staff had tears in their eyes, too. It’s pretty cool when people you’ve known for such a short time share in your joy.”

More Than Just a Number

When Jayme Beneker found out she was expecting her first bundle of joy, she knew what she wanted in the hospital where she would deliver. Not only did she want a hospital with a strong clinical reputation, but she wanted to feel like more than just a number. Fortunately, at Margaret Mary, she found both.

“Every interaction I had with the maternity staff, both before and after delivery, was positive and professional,” said Jayme. “Whether I was taking a prenatal class, receiving a massage or getting help installing my car seat, I felt like the nurses and staff genuinely got to know me. Some of the same nurses who taught my prenatal class were even at my delivery. I felt like I was in good hands.”

Just as important as choosing an incredible hospital is choosing a physician you can trust. Having used Dr. Michelle Shorten for her primary care needs, Jayme was thrilled to find out she also delivered babies.

“Being a first-time mom, I was a little nervous throughout my pregnancy, but Dr. Shorten was awesome about setting my mind at ease. Now that Lane is here, my husband, Allen, and I appreciate that we can see her for our whole family’s healthcare needs.”