Nutrition Services

Let our knowledgeable dietitians help you achieve your nutrition goals.


If it’s education you need, our dietitians can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol or simply prepare healthier meals for your family. We offer both group classes and individual counseling to help you reach your nutrition goals. To learn more about our nutrition classes, call 812.933.5122 or visit our Community section online for class dates and times.

Personal Dietitian Visits

These individual visits are for anyone who wishes to meet privately with a dietitian to discuss nutrition needs for weight loss, pregnancy, GI health and more.

Group Medical Appointments

These appointments are available for those wanting counseling for gastrointestinal disorders, adult weight management or just an overall healthy diet. For groups of two to four people, these meetings provide a lower-cost alternative to individual counseling and are ideal for couples or family members. Prices vary depending on the length of the appointment.

Live Well Now

Live Well Now is a 10-week program which encourages a self-care approach for bodies of all sizes. Classes are offered both in-person and virtually and topics include choosing wholesome foods, living an active life and managing your stress and mental health - all critical components for preventing and treating obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions. Participants will be given the tools to help with shopping, cooking and meal planning, as well as improving strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Cost is $100.

Cooking Matters

Available to those who meet certain criteria, this free, six-week cooking class is designed for caregivers of young children. Each class teaches quick and easy recipes that can be made on a budget. Classes are offered virtually and in-person, but those who attend in-person sessions receive free groceries. This program is offered in part through a grant from the Indiana State Department of Health.


Healthy Steps

This free weight management program is designed for Medicare Part B participants who have a BMI of 30 or above and see an MMH primary care provider. Participants can see a dietitian up to 22 times over the course of a year and are seen in the same office as their primary care provider.

Heart-Healthy Living

This free class is offered on the third Thursday of the month and helps those looking to decrease their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides or risk for future heart-related events by discussing heart-healthy strategies, including diet, exercise and stress management.

Diabetes Care

Comprised of nurses and dietitians who are certified diabetes educators, our diabetes team can help you successfully manage your diabetes. Recognized by the American Diabetes Association, our program offers both individual and group classes and covers everything from healthy eating and physical activity to medications and stress management. Our group class series is offered twice a month. Each series is four classes long. A physician referral is required.

Stop Stress this Minute

For many people, the first step in changing their diet is learning how to manage their stress in a healthy way. During this three-part series, participants will learn to identify the stressors in their lives and manage stress in a healthy way. Classes are offered in-person or virtually and a stress-management handbook is supplied. Cost is $15.

Eat Well. Live Well.

At MMH, we’re committed to helping you live a healthier life. That’s why, effective Monday, June 25, you’ll notice a new labeling system in the Café that promotes healthier food choices. To help you identify which foods are best for you, all items will be labeled using our Go-Slow-Whoa system below. If you have questions or would like to provide us with feedback on the labeling system, email us at

Go Foods
Slow Foods
Whoa Foods

Eat these foods most often. They are lowest in calories, added sugar and sodium.

Eat these foods sometimes. They are higher in calories, added sugar and sodium.

Eat these foods least often. They are highest in calories, added sugar and sodium.

Food Type Red Yellow Green
Entrees (Meat or Mixed Dish) > 500 calories
> 600 mg sodium
300-500 calories
360-600 mg sodium
< 300 calories
< 360 mg sodium
Burger/Sandwich/Pizza > 650 calories > 900 mg sodium 350-650 calories 600-900 mg sodium < 350 calories
< 600 mg sodium
Side Items > 250 calories
> 360 mg sodium
100-250 calories
140-360 mg sodium
< 100 calories
< 140 mg sodium
Soup > 350 calories
> 800 mg sodium
200-350 calories
480-800 mg sodium
< 200 calories
< 480 mg sodium
Cereal > 200 calories
> 10 g sugar & < 3 g fiber
< 200 calories
> 10 g sugar, < 3 g fiber
< 200 calories < 10 g sugar, > 3 g fiber
Snack Foods (ie. chips, desserts) > 250 calories
> 30 g carbohydrate
150-250 calories
15-30 g carbohydrates
< 150 calories
< 15 g carbohydrate
Beverages Regular soda, drinks
with > 50 calories/serving
2% milk, flavored nonfat milk, drinks with < 50 calories/serving, 100% juice Water, unsweetened tea, nonfat milk, diet soda, drinks with < 40 calories/serving
Protein Cups (egg, cheese, meat salads) > 250 calories
> 4 g sat fat
> 600 mg sodium
200-250 calories
2-4 g sat fat
230-600 mg sodium
< 200 calories
< 2 g sat fat
< 230 mg sodium

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