Meet our Dietitians

Kathy Cooley, RD

  • Background: Kathy is graduate of Miami University where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Dietetics. She received her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Kathy is a certified diabetes educator and has received additional training in eating disorders.
  • Specialties: Diabetes, weight management, school gardens and local food initiatives
  • First Job: Lifeguard at Hillcrest Country Club, Batesville
  • Hobbies: Running, hiking, cooking, gardening and any activity with friends and family
  • What I love about my job: "I love being part of an organization whose mission is to improve the health and wellness of our communities and our team members. I enjoy working with the passionate people at MMH, the teachers and administrators of the local school districts, local chefs and each and every student who participates in the garden program sponsored by MMH."
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries

Samantha Ewing, RD

  • Background: Samantha is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati from the Coordinated Program in Dietetics, where she completed her dietetic internship. She previously worked at Dayton's Children's Hospital as a Registered Dietitian in the Endocrinology, Myelomeningocele, Cleft Lip/Palate, Sickle Cell and Cerebral Palsy clinics. She also educated the newly diagnosed type one diabetic patients and their families.
  • First Job: Life Guard at Taylor Mill Swim Club
  • Hobbies: Running, yoga and spending time with family and friends
  • What I love about my job: "I love the welcoming environment and the opportunity and ability to continuously learn new things. I love that I am able to work at both the main hospital and the oncology center where I am able to work alongside some amazing people."
  • Favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory

Adrienne Found, RD

  • Background: Adrienne is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She has also received her masters degree from the University of Cincinnati in Nutrition Sciences. Adrienne completed her dietetic internship at The Christ Hospital and later received additional training in clinical health coaching and in both child and adolescent weight management.
  • Specialties: Diabetes self-management, child weight management, vegetarian meal planning, health coaching
  • First Job: Sandwich Artist at Subway
  • Hobbies: Yoga, running, baking, movies and music
  • What I love about my job: "I love having the opportunity to create new programs or materials which can improve someone's health and make their life easier. I also love teaching and the different connections I make not only with my patients, but with my co-workers. I learn something new from them every day!"
  • Favorite TV show: The Office

Rose Kaplan, RD

  • Background: Rose is a former Miami University Redhawk where she studied nutrition and management. Immediately following her undergrad work, Rose worked with the Freestore Foodbank on the development of a new, more nutritious backpack meal in the Programs Department. She completed her dietetic internship at Bradley University in Peoria, IL where she also earned a graduate level certificate in dietetics.
  • Specialties: Rose has special interests in sports nutrition (specifically runners), intuitive eating, in addition to research, food insecurity and policy.
  • First Job: "Either a camp counselor or cashier at a cookie store. I can't remember which was first!"
  • Hobbies: Running, outdoor adventure, cooking, writing, traveling, drinking coffee
  • What I love about my job: "I love how central food is to being a dietitian. I love that food has the ability to change lives - from general nourishment, to impacting overall health and wellness, to bringing people from various cultures together. Food is central to our every day and I love teaching people how to lead balanced lifestyles through managing their diet and fitness."
  • Favorite Food: Donuts - RDs are allowed to treat themselves, too!

Christy Minges, RD

  • Background: "I graduated from Miami University where I studied dietetics. Immediately following graduation, I started a coordinated dietetic internship/master's degree program. I completed my dietetic internship at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and my master's degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. After graduation, I became the dietary manager and consulting dietitian for an assisted living facility. For the past three years, I have been an instructor in the Nutrition Department at Miami University."
  • First Job: "I was a cook at a restaurant in my hometown of Napoleon, Ohio."
  • Hobbies: "I love trying new recipes and making as much from scratch as I can! I also enjoy spending time with my family at our cottage in Clear Lake, Indiana."
  • What I love about my job: "I love the variety of work I do; I am never bored! I also love how friendly and helpful everyone is."
  • Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation and The Office