Women's Imaging

In 2009, Margaret Mary Health opened its Women’s Imaging Center.

Conveniently located on the first floor of the hospital, the center offers specialized diagnostic services including 3D mammography, pelvic and breast ultrasound and bone density testing. To read more about these services, visit our Imaging page.

The décor and setup of the women’s center was designed with a woman’s tastes and needs in mind. Knowing that diagnostic tests can create anxiety and stress, the center offers a calming environment complete with relaxing music, comfortable bath robes and artwork taken by local photographers. To provide greater privacy and convenience for women, the center also has its own separate entrance.

For women who find out they have an abnormal mammogram, our women’s center has a Breast Health Navigator on staff. This person can answer questions and provide support for women who have been told they need a breast biopsy or have breast cancer.

To contact the Women’s Imaging Center, call (812) 933-5434 or email Mike Beard.