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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

Bridging Care Between Hospital and Home

If there’s one word to describe 88-year-old Louise Rohrig, it’s determined. After an unfortunate fall, the Milan resident ended up at MMH with a fractured hip. Following surgery, she found herself too weak to return home and was given two options. She could move to a long-term care facility until she regained strength or remain on MMH’s inpatient unit and utilize the hospital’s new transitional care program.

At MMH, transitional care is designed for patients recovering from an illness or surgery who no longer need hospital-level care but are not ready to go home. Services offered during a stay may include rehab, IV antibiotics and wound treatment, as well as care for fractures, respiratory conditions and neurological disorders.

“The program was a Godsend,” said Louise. “I received therapy almost every day. My therapists had to teach me how to get out of bed, get dressed and walk with a walker. It felt like I was starting all over.”

Because transitional care is provided within our hospital, patients benefit from having convenient access to a comprehensive care team, including providers, nursing staff, therapists, social workers and pharmacists. Length of stay is determined by patient progress.

After spending a month at MMH, Louise was released home and is getting stronger every day.

“There’s not enough thanks for the care I received at Margaret Mary,” said Louise. “I felt like I was surrounded by friends.”

To learn more about our transitional care program, call our social services team at 812.933.5239.