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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

Do Your Heart Some Good

For Milan resident Jane Werner, being active has always been a natural part of her life. That’s why she knew something was wrong when she found herself easily winded while working on her landscaping.

“I was building a rock wall for a flower bed, and it wiped me out,” said Jane. “Every time I moved a few rocks, I needed a break. I called my nurse practitioner, Cindy (Allen), and she suggested I have a calcium-scoring heart scan to determine my risk for coronary artery disease.”

This quick, affordable test measures calcified plaque in your arteries. After completing the heart scan at The Christ Hospital Health Network, the results were sent to Cindy for review. Unfortunately, the news was not good. The scan indicated Jane had a large aortic aneurysm which could rupture at any moment.

“Cindy knew how serious my situation was and tried calling me immediately,” said Jane. “When I didn’t answer, she sent a text saying, ‘CALL ME NOW.’ When we spoke, she explained my results to me and told me it was important I see a cardiac surgeon right away.”

When Jane met with her surgeon, he explained the importance of scheduling open heart surgery. Most people with an aortic aneurysm don’t show any symptoms. Left untreated, this blood-filled bulge could rupture, and the bleeding could be deadly. Though she was shocked, Jane soon underwent surgery at The Christ Hospital Health Network.

It’s been several years since Jane had her aneurysm repaired, but she’s still incredibly grateful for the care she received from MMH and The Christ Hospital. Today, she’s doing well and only visits her cardiologist once a year at MMH’s main campus in Batesville.

“I’m blessed every morning I wake up,” said Jane, “and I’m still busy as ever. I love to garden, craft, travel and visit my grandkids. I do everything I did before, but I do it with more joy and gratitude.”