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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

Incredible Friends. Incredible Fish Stories.

When Larry Snyder, 72, found out he had prostate cancer, he knew exactly where he wanted to go for treatment. Having fought prostate cancer themselves, his brother, Jack, and good friend, Lowell, both gave Larry the same advice … “Go to Margaret Mary for your cancer care.”

“When my doctor suggested I drive to Indianapolis for treatment, I asked if I could go to Batesville instead,” said Larry. “The guys told me I would be impressed with the care here, and they were right. Dr. (Frank) Peyton and the staff are 100 percent professional, and the girls always know what to say to put me at ease. It was also convenient. Most days I could get my treatment and be back home in an hour.”

Thanks to the care provided at Margaret Mary’s Cancer Center, these three survivors are doing well and enjoying life. And for them, this equates to more morning cups of coffee together and more fish stories.