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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

No Longer Sidelined

Last October, Batesville High School right guard Shawn Czerniak injured his right knee in a playoff game. When he realized his injury wasn’t healing on its own, he scheduled an appointment with Orthopaedic Surgeon Andrew Islam, MD. For Shawn, the bad news was he had torn his meniscus and needed surgery to repair it. The good news was the surgery could conveniently be done at Margaret Mary and would require minimal recovery time.

“Dr. Islam was awesome,” said the energetic 18 year old. “He’s very down to earth and explained the surgery in a way that was easy to understand. The nurses and anesthesiologist were really good, too – very friendly and gentle. The care was more personal than you’d expect in a big city. And only having a 15-minute ride home was nice, too.”

Whether he’s working construction or tossing a football with his friends, Shawn’s knee injury no longer sidelines him from living an incredibly active life.