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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

No More Pain

For 72-year-old Sharon McHenry, choosing an orthopaedic surgeon for her total knee replacement was an easy decision. Having used Dr. William G. McDonald III for a knee replacement on her other knee in 2003, her prayers were answered when she heard the surgeon recently began practicing at MMH.

“I knew I needed surgery, but I had concerns about finding the right doctor,” said the Connersville resident. “When my sister told me Dr. McDonald was coming to Batesville, I scheduled an appointment right away. When he walked in my exam room, he still remembered me after all these years.”

For Sharon, living with knee pain had become a way of life. She suffered from bone-on-bone pressure and arthritis in her left knee.

“The pain was pretty intense,” said Sharon. “I moved slowly and lived on Ibuprofen. Even completing basic tasks, like walking and doing my house chores, was difficult.”

On July 2, Sharon underwent a total knee replacement at MMH. As soon as she awoke from anesthesia, she experienced instant relief.

“When I woke up, I could immediately tell the pain was gone,” she said. “My care was great, and Dr. McDonald was thorough, caring and personable.”

Today, Sharon is doing well and enjoying her pain-free life. Although her balance and strength haven’t fully returned, she continues to see improvements daily.

“I definitely move more quickly than I used to,” said Sharon. “For anyone considering a joint replacement, I would advise scheduling it now. Without a doubt, I would do it again.”