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At MMH, our patients speak volumes.

Not Sidelined for Long

When it comes to orthopaedic care, 36-year-old Casey Schomber doesn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Grant McDonald to his family and friends. Over the past few years, he’s not only seen Dr. McDonald for an ACL reconstruction, but he also took his son, Gunnar, to him for a broken arm.

The Schomber family’s first injury occurred in 2019 after Casey aggravated a work injury while jumping in a bounce house with his kids. After meeting with several orthopaedic surgeons, he chose Dr. McDonald to complete the reconstruction.

“I connected with Dr. McDonald right away,” said Casey. “He was easy to talk to and straight forward. I knew I didn’t want to be sitting around for weeks after surgery. Dr. McDonald told me he could get me back on my feet quickly.”

Two days after surgery, Casey started physical therapy at Margaret Mary’s Rehab Center. He was up and walking almost immediately and his range of motion came back within weeks.

“I wanted my therapists to push me, and they did,” said Casey. “I have four kids at home. I don’t like sitting around. I wanted to get back to work and back to coaching my kids. They helped me recuperate as quickly as possible.”

Fast forward to the summer of 2021 and the Schombers found themselves back in Dr. McDonald’s office again … this time for his son’s broken arm.

“When Gunnar broke his arm playing baseball, I knew I wanted to take him to Dr. McDonald to set and cast the bone. He was really good with Gunnar and made him feel comfortable.”

Although Gunnar had to sit most of the baseball season out, fortunately the cast was off and he was ready to take the field in time for football.

“I recommend Dr. McDonald to everyone,” said Casey. “He’s taken great care of my family. With our busy schedules, it means a lot to receive care close to home.”