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Save Calories at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here, and while we love the festivities and family time, a little moderation with your food choices can go a long way towards saving calories. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  1. Eat breakfast. By eating a healthy breakfast, you can curb your hunger and ensure you won’t be starving by the time you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Choose a small plate. Filling a smaller plate ensures you’ll stick to smaller portions.
  3. Say yes to turkey. But go easy on the stuffing, potatoes, gravy and rolls.
  4. Load up on veggies. Eating veggies will fill you up so you’re less likely to want seconds … or thirds.
  5. Stick to water. Many holiday drinks can be high in calories. Choose carefully.
  6. Choose your dessert wisely. If you decide to have dessert, stick with one slice/piece, and skip the crust, if you can.
  7. Take a walk. Don’t give in to the turkey coma. Get your family moving and take a stroll instead.

If you do go overboard on Thanksgiving, don’t beat yourself up. It’s just one day, and you can get back on track on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!