At Margaret Mary Health, we understand serving our community means actually getting out into the community, beyond the walls of our hospital, to meet the needs of area families.

Drug Awareness

MMH is continually evaluating opportunities to address the ongoing drug abuse issues facing our local communities. In addition to providing Narcan kits to local law enforcement agencies to use in overdose cases, MMH partners with local schools to offer drug awareness programs to students. We also offer the below services. For more information about our drug safety programs, call 812.933.5257.

Drug Disposal Program

If you have unused, unwanted or expired medications in your home, we offer a safe receptacle for proper disposal. The receptacle is located in the hospital’s main lobby (321 Mitchell Avenue, Batesville).

Drug Testing Kits

At MMH, we offer free urine drug-testing kits to parents. With these kits, parents can test their children in the privacy of their own homes. If children know they may be tested, they may be less likely to use.

Drug Storage Lockboxes

If your prescriptions are easy for you to access, they are also easy for children and teens to take. Drug storage lockboxes are available to local families and can be picked up at MMH (on the second floor of the 1932 building). A $10 donation is appreciated.

CPR Face Shields

For a person whose breathing is severely impaired by an overdose, CPR can mean the difference between life and death.  MMH gives away free face shields which allows a bystander to safely administer CPR while preventing direct contact with the individual’s mouth.