Cancer Care

There are few experiences more frightening than the diagnosis of cancer.

At Margaret Mary's Cancer Center, our goal is to restore our patients and their families to wholeness, both emotionally and physically. Patients who choose us for their cancer care appreciate our services for many reasons. Those who step foot in our facility are immediately impressed by its beauty, comfort and spa-like feel. But even more impressive are the constant smiles, sympathetic ears and warm hugs given by our staff every time patients walk in. Cancer can be scary. We make sure you won’t have to fight it alone. Click here for a list of our Support Services or a Facility Tour.

Medical Oncology

Although receiving cancer treatments isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience, most of our patients would agree receiving them at Margaret Mary's Cancer Center makes the process a whole lot easier. Chemotherapy, Biotherapy and Hormone Therapy can all be used to treat cancer. The use of these medications help to kill or halt cancer cell growths. These medications can be administered orally or through the use of an IV.

Because treatments are often given in cycles and can take hours to administer, our goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your visit. Our medical oncology department includes six private infusion bays for patients receiving treatment. Amenities in the infusion bays include televisions, plenty of seating for loved ones and large windows overlooking a four-season healing garden. Our nurses’ station is also located near the infusion bays in case you would need assistance during your stay.

Radiation Oncology

Our radiation oncology department offers among the most precise radiation therapy treatment available on the market today. Our advanced equipment, including a linear accelerator and CT simulator, offers diagnostic and treatment capabilities you would expect to find at a big-city facility.

Many of our patients can benefit from Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), a form of radiation that uses computer-generated images to deliver a precise radiation dose that conforms to the shape of the cancerous tumor. For our patients, this equates to less radiation to surrounding healthy tissues, better outcomes overall and fewer negative side effects.

For more information, call (812) 932-4673 or email Cassie Nobbe.