Support Services

Fighting cancer can take a lot out of you.

Some patients find they are unusually tired while others may experience a loss of appetite. At Margaret Mary's Cancer Center, we offer a variety of services designed to help you with all aspects of your cancer journey, including:

Massage/Comfort Touch

Many patients undergoing active treatment for cancer appreciate our complimentary massage and comfort touch services. Comfort touch is a gentler form of massage designed to help patients with relaxation and pain relief. For many patients, receiving massage/comfort touch calms them and brings them peace. Others have found receiving the service allows them to better handle pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue. Our certified massage therapist, Carla Stenger, is an integral part of our cancer care team and has specific training in oncology massage and comfort touch. Having worked with cancer patients for many years, she understands everyone’s needs are different. Some patients enjoy receiving massages during oncology treatments, while others may prefer to simply sit in her company, hold her hand or even be left alone. Patients who are interested can also schedule a relaxation/comfort touch session in her comfortable, spa-like massage suite, complete with dim lights, warm towels, therapeutic creams and soothing music. For more information about massage/comfort services, email Carla Stenger or call (812) 933-3779.

Nutrition Counseling

As a cancer patient, you may experience weight loss or have difficulty eating because of your treatment. These challenges come at a time when proper nutrition is key to maintaining your strength and speeding your recovery. A registered dietitian is available at Margaret Mary's Cancer Center to counsel patients with their nutritional needs.


Many patients use rehab to improve problems experienced after treatment, including fatigue, unsteadiness, pain, muscle weakness, Lymphedema, difficulty swallowing, numbness and cognitive changes. Under guidance from therapists, patients can do such things as learn special exercises, practice walking or maintaining their balance and obtain devices that help with ordinary activities.

Breast Cancer Support Group

Held the third Tuesday of each month, the breast cancer support group provides a comfortable atmosphere where patients can talk about their experiences and discuss what’s on their minds. To learn more, call 812.933.5308.

Hope Cancer Support Group

This educational and supportive program is designed to empower patients and their families and provide support where it is needed. There is a topic and speaker at each session. Meets at the United Methodist Church (106 S. Park Ave., Batesville, IN) at 5:30 p.m. Call 812.933.3741.

Strength for Life Support Group

This grief support group, not limited to oncology families, meets at 5:30 p.m. at the Margaret Mary Outpatient and Cancer Center. Call 812.933.3741.

Look Good, Feel Better

This class is designed for women currently undergoing cancer treatment. The program provides an opportunity for women to pamper themselves, receive make-up tips and try on wigs and hats. Call 812.933.3741.

Other Support Services

Our Patient Support Service Coordinator is available to assist you with financial issues, transportation, support groups, end-of-life care, emotional assessments and other resources. For assistance, call 812.933.3741.