Hospitalist Program

No one wants to spend the night in the hospital, but when it’s medically necessary, our patients deserve the most timely and efficient care. That's why MMH offers a hospitalist program designed to provide admitted patients with improved coordinated care and greater physician access.

Consisting of board certified physicians and nurse practitioners, our hospitalist team provides 24/7 treatment and specializes in caring for you while you are in the hospital. Leading the program is Dr. Charles Webster who has worked in MMH’s Emergency Services Department since 2005.

“I think our inpatients will be pleased with the care they receive through our hospitalist program,” said Dr. Webster. “Having access to a health care provider around the clock offers many benefits. As hospitalists, we can focus our attention exclusively on you while you are in the hospital. Our job is not to replace your primary care physician but to work in partnership with your doctor to ensure you receive timely and effective treatment.”

When admitted as a patient to our hospital, the hospitalist will work closely with your primary care physician to discuss your medical history and treatment plan. He or she will then manage your inpatient stay and coordinate your care with nurses, dietitians, therapists, technicians and other providers.

At discharge, the hospitalist will update your primary care physician on important details about your care, including a summary of your medications and any follow-up treatments. Because the hospitalist only practices within the hospital, it is very important that you follow up with your primary care physician upon discharge. If you do not have a primary care physician, our team can help you identify a physician who is accepting patients in our community.

“Hospitalists are dedicated to seeing patients in the hospital which allows them to spend more time with our really sick patients,” said Bonnie Ploeger, MMH Vice President of Inpatient Services. “Likewise, our primary care doctors have more time in the office to devote to patients and their routine healthcare needs.”

Hospitalist program benefits include:

Better Communication - Instead of waiting to speak to your primary care physician when they make morning rounds, you’ll now benefit from having the hospitalist more available when you or your family member has a question.

Improved Quality of Care - If your health condition changes during the day or night, your hospitalist is nearby and can see you quickly. He or she can also order tests immediately and adjust your treatment throughout the day as needed.

Shorter Hospital Stay - Having a hospitalist coordinate your care ensures that testing and consultations happen in a more timely manner. He or she can also give discharge approval more quickly to get you on your way home sooner.

Better Access to your Primary Care Physician - Because your primary care physician no longer has to make rounds at the hospital, he or she has more availability to see you when you schedule office visits.